Nevada Natural Stone Hanging Pendant-using Selenite and Wonderstone

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Material Used:
28 Gauge Red Brass Sheet (1&1/4 inch by 1&1/2 inch)
16 Gauge 1/2 Round ,Half hard Soft Copper wire (5&1/2 inch)
22 Guage Round ,Dead Soft Copper wire (approximately a 10 inch piece and a 3 inch piece)
Selenite stone-naturally as found
Wonderstone stone-naturally as found
18 gauge Copper wires to make jump rings 6mm OD size – 2 &1/2 inches
Copper Chain-(Approximately 18 inches-depends on your preferred necklace length and how much for hanging stone )
Lobster Clasp and Jumping for closure or your preference for clasp
Tools Used:
6 Step barrel pliers
Round nose pliers
Chain nose pliers
Flat nose pliers
Nylon Jaw pliers
French Shears metal cutters
Pinstrip texturing hammer
Delux 4 hole Punch for Riveting
Files and sandpapers
Liver of Sulfur
Polisher pads
Painter tape

I started by finding two stones that I like from some of my rockhound buckets-1selenite flat near round piece-Approximately 3/4 inch by 1 inch and a wonderstone 1 inch by 1&1/4 inch. I drew a drawing and work from there and redrew after I finished with some notes.
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First- I did the hanging basket of the wonder stone. I used a string (glue ends so it does not ravel) to approximately measure where I wanted the band of 16 gauge half round half hard wire to go around the stone and added an extra 2 inches to allow for the loops and any extra. I used my smaller loop on the 6 step barrel pliers to make a loop , carried it across the stone then another loop for the other side and looped backed with the backside down to stack another loop.(did not cut the bottom loop until I made sure it had a loose snug fit. I made 2-6mm jump rings out of 18 gauge copper wire and secured this to both sides. I took the jump ring out for the open side until I was done wrapping a net shape of 10 inch piece of 22 gauge dead soft copper wire around the stone. I used my round nose plier to help shape the loops. I re-snugged the fit and then cut the bottom 16 gauge lower loop and put the jumping back in. I attached a chain to each side of the jumping.This I measured with the string to get size needed or what I felt look good. I patina this with liver of sulfur and buffed with polisher pad.

Nevada Selenite and Wonderstone PendantIMG_0584 copy

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For the top piece: I put the stone down on a piece of Red Brass 28 gauge metal sheet and figured I needed a shape of 1&1/2 wide by 1&1.4 long. I traced this size on the red Brass sheet using ruler and sharpie and cut it with the French Shear metal cutter. I curved cut the edges with the metal cutters. I filled the sides to a smooth touch with both files and sandpapers. (Start with rough and go to smooth). I then hammered using my Pinstrip texture hammer on my anvil my pattern on my metal sheet piece. I re-checked it for side smoothness when done. I put with a sharpie a dot where to punch the holes for the 16 gauge half round -half hard wire. I used the Delux 4 Hole Punch Riveting tools (14 gauge size) to make the holes and 18 gauge punch holes for the chain(top sides) jump rings and bottom jumping to attached the bottom base like Wonderstone chain. Sand with soft sandpaper the backside if any of the holes are rough. I then patina with liver of sulfur both the pendant metal and the 16 gauge half round wire. You can patina at the end but since the selenite is both a soft stone and some what translucent I prefer no extreme darkness beneath it. I measure the amount of half wire I need to wrap with the string and added 2 extra inches. For these two pendants piece I used 5&1/2 inch. Start with one of the holes (I used bottom left backside ) and bend approximately 3/8 inch wire flat to backside. I put the stone on top and go across to the top righted hole ,go under and re-emerge thought the other hole. I used my nylon jaw plier to hold it stable so I can snug the wire and bend it though the hole without kinking it. You can used any tool that assist you to getting this snug(like chanson needle pliers, etc). Be careful not mar the half round wire. Also use your finger to gently shape any curving. I then go to the far bottom right side hole and up thought the right side top hole. Across to the far left top hole and re-bend it 3/8 on the back. I used my flat nose pliers with tape (not to mar) to get a snug fit. With a file soften the edges of the half round wire so not to snag. Then with approximately 3 inches of 22 dead soft gauge wire I used the 6 step barrel to make 3 size7mm OD jump rings. I attached one of the jumping to the bottom center hole and attached the Wonderstone chain to it.(You can attached by the chain link or leave it to slide around via the chain). I then attached a 8 inch chain to the both top hole with one of the 7mmOD jumping. At the ends I attached a lobster clasp and jumping for the lobster clasp to closed to. Voila your done!

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IMG_0625 copy

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